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How To Glow On The Go!

As our tribe of Face Yogis grows it’s incredible to watch the shift happen globally from feeling “stuck” and disconnected, to feel supported and radiant about the way you look!

Once you begin seeing and feeling these changes for yourself, you can’t help but spread your glow!

“4 days [in] and have to say already that i see the difference in my glow skin!”

To honor this confidence and your pride as a Face Yogi, I’ve created TWO NEW WAYS to spread your glow!

The first is to Glow on the Go! We just created a very special bundle to make your Face Yoga Method practice even simpler to do on the go and a practical way to be proud of your progress and commitment – THE GRAB-N-GLOW BUNDLE!

Glow on the Go with the Grab-N-Go Bundle
Glow on the Go with the Grab-N-Go Bundle
Take it to the gym, yoga, vacation, wherever you go – your Face Yoga essentials will be with you!

“I am so glad I have the Face Yoga duffle bag to keep all my beauty toys in it: chopsticks, spoons, mirror, guide book, roller, sonic face brush, hats, etc etc etc…I look forward to my new routine and Face Yoga lifestyle every day!”

~ Laura R.

The Grab-N-Go Bundle. How to Glow on the Go!
The Grab-N-Go Bundle
Now that’s win-win-win.

The Grab-N- Glow Bundle includes the MikoBand and our REDESIGNED Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream, packaged and ready to ‘Grab-N-Glow’ in the NEW Face Yogi Weekender Duffel!

Ready for the second way to spread the Face Yogi glow?

Now you can send a friend (or two) a $10 offer towards their FYM Shop purchase!

But there’s something for you too! When your friend orders, we will add a $10 credit to YOUR account also!

Now that’s win-win-win.

Where will you bring your Grab-N-Glow Bundle?

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