🎃 TRICKS To TREAT Your Skin Right
Routines, needles, treatments, and tools. With so many choices and information out there, you may be left feeling intimidated when it comes to how to care for your aging skin.

Today, I’m taking the scare out of skincare, and telling you the top 3 tricks to treating your skin right so you can look your best and feel confident that you’re giving your largest organ the treatment it deserves.


The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method

The secret is out! Face Yoga is all the buzz in news headlines, studies, TV and celebrity tabloids, but to my team and myself, it’s so much more than that. While Face Yoga is far from a new concept, there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

I’ve spent nearly two decades combining powerful poses, a healthy lifestyle, and supportive mindset practices so that I can offer you globally-leading Face Yoga programs.

Face Yoga is simply using the muscles and tissues of the face to create a desired look, much as we do at the gym for our bodies. The best part about Face Yoga, is how easy and FAST it is to see results! On average, my students start noticing results within 2 weeks of starting a program, and all of my Face Yoga Method programs deliver results in less than 2 months!

With news like that, you may be wondering where to start, and that’s why I’ve combined all my Face Yoga Method poses in one place, with step-by-step instructions and photos so it’s simple to follow anywhere. Plus, I’ve even added homemade skincare and healthy lifestyle and nutrition recipes for you to enjoy, too!

Get everything you need to start the leading Face Yoga practice, in The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method Book!

Donna C.
“I can't say enough about the book. I'm totally in love with it.
Each pose has pictures and full directions. There are also benefits and key points for each pose. The book has other great features and it's full of information. It's a great reference to have around.
I couldn't be more pleased. It's probably one of the best decisions I ever make for my face. Thank you, Fumiko!!!”

Lorena A.
“I purchased other books and dvds to tone the face muscles in the past, but this one is different, it is about changing the mindset, encouraging women to take charge of their health and beauty regime. I like the pictures and the way all the exercises are explained. Very happy about it.”

TRICK TO THE TREATMENT # 2: Cleansing Your Skin

Face Yoga Method Sonic Face Brush

It’s no secret that a clean face is a happy face, but are you maximizing your time at the sink?

The products we use and the way we use them can make-or-break our cleansing routine. For example, if you wash your face in the shower the water is prematurely aging you as it washes down your face, pulling your skin down as it goes…a big no no!

It’s time for you to amplify your cleansing routine, without adding any time to your day. I have created a special tool powerful enough to stimulate collagen and erase blemishes deep within the pores, but gentle enough to use on the delicate skin on your face: The Sonic Face Brush!

Unlike other facial cleansing brushes with harsh plastic bristles, The Sonic Face Brush is a dual-sided silicone tool that uses vibrating pulses to give your skin a real treat. This tool is perfect for daily use on all skin types, so you’ll never worry about causing more harm than good again.

Cath R.
“Such a fab, funky & addictive addition to my nighttime routine! Love the deep clean & massage this gives your skin. It’s fun to use & so beneficial to your face - definitely recommend this & leaves you so clean your skin tingles✨”

Jaclyn G.
“I saw an improvement in skin tone and texture after one use!”

“I always wondered if a face brush could compare at all to the Clarisonic Pro which is in the $200 range. I have both products so I can tell you this sonic Face brush takes the prize, no question.“

TRICK TO THE TREATMENT # 3: Dermarolling

Face Yoga Method Derma Roller

Do needles totally freak you out?

Well then it’s time I took the scare out of this skincare tool: The Derma Roller.

A Derma Roller is just a cylindrical tool with about 80-100 very tiny needles designed to stimulate the skin to trigger targeted healing. By carefully pricking your skin with a Derma Roller, you are forcing your skin to send vital nutrients, collagen, and cells to the injured area. This response leaves your with a noticeable glow, diminished scars, and long-lasting wrinkle reduction!

Now that sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The trick to Dermarolling is a combination of a few things:
  • Proper needle-length
  • Proper motion and use of the tool
  • Never creating pain or excess bleeding

Check out the tutorial above, for a video-demonstration of the tricks to treating your skin with the Derma Roller.

Wendy C.
“I absolutely love the FYM derma roller! I feel it brightens my complexion and perfectly compliments the face yoga that I do daily to help me naturally enhance the appearance of my skin.”

Lisa P.
“I LOVE this product. It really increases the collagen in my skin. It takes a few easy minutes and I do this a few times a week. Love it so much I bought a second one so that when I travel I will always be able to do this quick treatment and keep my skin looking GREAT.”

Sharon T.
“Loving it, some of the results are instant. Easy to use. Glad I made the investment & thank you face yoga method I first learned about Derma roller from the site.”
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