“It is simply reviving! It feels as if my skin is breathing again…”

— Claudia A., Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio customer


Creams and serums can only do so much for your skin. But when you combine them with the Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio, you boost your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself.
Consistently using these tools and the exercises found in the book can help increase your skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, even out pigmentation and brighten your skin

Perfect For: Complementing your skincare routine with facial exercises and massage techniques.
What's Included: 
The Ultimate Guide to Face Yoga Method Book
Sonic Face Brush
DermaRoller with Interchangeable Heads

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Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio


Enhances the effectiveness of your skincare products

The Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio are designed to be used in conjunction with your skincare products, so that the latter can be absorbed and penetrate more deeply into your skin.

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Gives you the power to achieve healthier skin

Each of the tools in the Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio gives you the chance to achieve the youthful glow that you desire.
The Ultimate Guide to Face Yoga Method book contains diet, facial exercise, skincare, and stress reduction techniques to firm up your skin.
Both the DermaRoller and Sonic Face Brush stimulate your skin’s collagen and elastin production, helping you maintain younger looking skin.


Brighten & Nourish

Brighten & Nourish

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Brighten & Nourish Kit

Complete Skin Care Set

Complete Skin Care Set

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Complete Skin Care Set

Ultimate Gift Bundle

Ultimate Gift Bundle

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Ultimate Gift Bundle


Sonic Face Brush Instructions:

  • Remove all makeup with remover.
  • Put a few drops of gentle soap or cleanser on the brush.
  • Alternatively, you may apply the cleanser directly to your face, whichever you prefer. Make sure that you don’t use any exfoliating products, as they may damage the brush.
  • Using gentle circular motions, massage each area of your face for 30 seconds, starting with your forehead all the way down to your neck area.
  • Use it once or twice a day, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Use less frequently if you have sensitive skin.

DermaRoller Instructions:

  • Before using the DermaRoller, make sure that you clean and disinfect it first with alcohol.
  • Starting with a small portion of your face like your jawline, begin to roll the DermaRoller back and forth horizontally several times.
  • Switch to up and down movements, then finish with diagonal rolls.
  • Make sure that you apply firm pressure with every stroke. You may notice some redness on your skin, but it shouldn’t bleed.
  • When switching to other parts of your face, lift the DermaRoller and don’t drag it across your skin. Repeat the strokes as instructed before, except for your eye area because it’s very sensitive.
  • You may also use the DermaRoller on your body. Just make sure that you use the extra 1 mm needles head so that you can cover a larger area with every roll.
  • Use the DermaRoller depending on how sensitive your skin is. If your skin is quite sensitive, using it once a month is enough. For others, you may use it as frequently as once a week. Let your skin be your guide.


“I ordered the Essentials Trio Package & really love it! I also participated in one of Fumiko’s workshops, which was amazing, uplifting, & productive! The quality of the tools in the Trio Package seems high, along with the results they produce; I can’t imagine doing without them! Much gratitude, Fumiko ❣😊”

Deb W.

“I’ve received the Face Yoga Method Essentials Trio and the tools just work amazingly. I could see improvements on my skin and experienced more radiance since the very first time I used them. I would advise anyone to get them. Thanks, Fumiko.”

Manuela C.

 “So far, I am loving this. Find myself doing this more than what is needed. Feels so good. I have been taking pictures and excited to be on day 23. I will post pictures later. Fumiko is so much fun to watch. I am glad we found each other. I love the Sonic Face Brush. I use it as a relaxation massage for my face. So, so relaxing. Haven’t yet used the Derma Roller. Book is a nice size and enjoyable to have as a back-up. Highly suggest getting the bundle.”

Jennifer E.

“My gift package arrived so quickly. I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait 4 weeks! The silicone brush feels so healthy and clean when I use it. It’s great on trips because it’s so compact. I like to refer to the book instead of electronic devices later in the evening. The roller wands are stimulating, and I feel like it is such a good way to prepare my skin for special products. Thank you, Fumiko.”

Wendy P.

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