It’s 2020, and if you’re still washing your face with your hands or a cloth, it’s time to take your skin care to the next level and maximize the efficiency of your cleansing ritual.

Our face needs to be clean and exfoliated to look it’s best, but there’s an underlying secret behind glowing skin that you’re probably missing. Thanks to our bloodstream, our body is constantly being nourished and cells revitalized. It flows through us like a natural detoxifying river and the process of renewing our skin with fresh oxygen and the removal of waste and free radicals makes it a fundamental part of our skin’s health.

But, if you’re just washing your face with your hands or a cloth, you’re depriving your skin of what it craves: circulation.

Improper circulation can lead to many problems like clogged pores, blackheads, oily skin, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, redness, under eye circles and inflammation. 

Proper Blood Flow and Facial Lymphatics 

Face Yoga is highly effective at boosting the blood circulation of your face and neck, and that’s part of what makes it so beneficial. But if you suffer from dark or puffy under eye circle, headaches, stuffy nose or a sore throat, you need a more targeted approach.

These are signs that you’re experiencing the lymphatic system at work. Our lymphatics play a crucial role in our immune system and it’s important to keep them clear and healthy, just as we would with any other part of our bodies.

There are many lymph nodes in our face, but the ones beneath the eyes, around the nose, around the ears and on our necks can be drained easily with proper stimulation like acupressure, and lymphatic flushing techniques.

Lymphatic drainage is an easy way to help your body stay healthy and reduce inflammation in your face.  

One Skin Care Tool That Does It All

Combine the benefits of Face Yoga with your daily skin cleansing routine!

Have you heard of a Sonic Face Brush yet? This ONE skin care tool has changed my skin dramatically! It stimulates blood flow, helps with lymph drainage and gives your face the perfect balance of clean and exfoliated to leave you with a radiant flush.

Here are some of the instant benefits of using a Sonic Face Brush:

- They remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil
- Give a deeper and more thorough clean
- It will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
- 6,000 pulses will stimulate elastin and collagen
- Promotes lymphatic drainage 

Here's How It Works

Our Sonic Face Brush uses transdermal sonic wave technology to deliver 6,000 pulses per minute to effectively exfoliate your skin within 60 seconds. This process is far more effective than traditional face washing. Below the surface the sonic waves increase your skin’s collagen and elastin production and promote lymphatic drainage. On a surface-level the vibrations and silicone bristles thoroughly clean way dirt, oil, dead skin cells and leave you with a healthy flush.

Why Silicone?

Our Sonic Face Brush is made with silicone, which is naturally antimicrobial and is easy to clean won’t hold on to bacteria, dirt or debris. Simply rinse under warm water after each use, pat dry with a clean towel, and store in a cool and dry place and your rechargeable brush is ready for your next use.

You should never use a bristle brush on your delicate facial skin. Period.
These hair-like bristles are very damaging to the skin and can leave lacerations and microscopic abrasions on your skin. They also require far more upkeep, can clump up over time and harbor bacteria.

Always opt for silicone ‘nubs’ which give you the right balance of scrub and clean without the damage. Bonus: It’ll last longer and hold shape 10X better!

“I have had the Clarisonic brush for many years, but once I saw this new sonic cleaning brush I wanted to try it as you have to buy new brushes every few months for the Clarisonic. I love the way it feels on my skin and I don’t have to worry about replacing brush heads.” - Sharon S. Verified Buyer

Save Time On Skin Care (without cutting corners)

Investing in a Sonic Face Brush is a major time saver and will fit in with practically any skin care ritual. Not only will it speed up your time at the bowl, but is easier than traditional exfoliation and cleansing methods and is proven to be far more beneficial for your face than traditional cleansing.

Here’s How It’s Done

Proper use of your Sonic Face Brush will improve your results, keep it running for years and will help you maximize your time. In total, this routine should only take about 3 minutes. 

1: Remove all makeup with a makeup remover or cleanser.
2: Put a few drops of cleanser on the brush. (Alternatively, you may directly apply the cleanser on your face - whichever you prefer.)
3: Using gentle circular motions, massage each area of your face for 30 seconds, starting with your forehead all the way down to your neck area.
4: Use it once or twice a day, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Use less frequently if you have sensitive skin. 

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